What happens when a college student in his final semester has a premature midlife crisis when he realizes he has lived a life of all work and no play? Following a trusted professor’s advice, studious college senior Ky Cooper tries to let loose and enjoy his last weeks of school, but his efforts are complicated by his internal struggles with mental health, unresolved trauma, and faith, resulting in dire, unforeseen consequences.

The cynical but tolerant Ky draws up a meticulous world where the path least chosen reigns. It’s a place where the reserved character seems to dwell trouble-free. Crossing swords with the idea of abandoning his behavioral medication for religious purposes to appease others, Ky’s experience is a showcase of a young person trying to do their best.

The Tragedy of My Masterpiece is a dark tale which snapshots what modern-day college life is like for the loneliest popular generation of all time. Embark on a difficult journey wherein the demons of solitude, lust, and manipulation are confronted through the perspective of a young adult trying to slow the process of his unraveling perception of reality. Sift through alluring imagery and ravishing aesthetics while ingesting the raw and unhinged exchanges of these college-aged characters.

Bookfest 2023 Literary
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Award